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Airedale Terrier Details -  ID: 108
General Appearance: Sturdy and well muscled. It's wiry coat needs to be groomed every few months. Size, Proportion,...More »
Akita Details -  ID: 107
General Appearance: Large, powerful, alert, heavy boned. Muscular, brisk, sharp movements. Dignified and courageous. ...More »
American Bulldog Details -  ID: 106
General Appearance: The American Bulldog is a large and powerful dog. They have a broad box-shaped head and a deep c...More »
American Eskimo Dog Details -  ID: 105
General Appearance: Strong, agile, and alert. Thick snowy white coat that needs to be brushed twice a week and daily w...More »
Australian Cattle Dog Details -  ID: 104
General Appearance: The appearance of the Australian Cattle Dog suggests strength, agility and endurance in a compact...More »
Australian Shepherd Details -  ID: 103
General Appearance: Confident, strong desire to work, reserved with strangers, intelligent, trainable, curious, loyal t...More »
Basenji Details -  ID: 102
General Appearance: Short, short haired, and lightly built. Elegant and graceful, poised and curious. Tightly curled ...More »
Basset Hound Details -  ID: 101
General Appearance: Short-legged, heavy in bone, moving deliberately not clumsily. Smooth, short coat. Brushing once ...More »
Beagle Details -  ID: 100
General Appearance: Solid and sturdy, with gentle, pleading expression. They can be any hound color, but are usually t...More »
Bernese Mountain Dog Details -  ID: 99
General Appearance: The Bernese is strikingly aristocratic with a strong build and proud stance, deep chested with a l...More »
Bichon Frise Details -  ID: 98
General Appearance: Small, cheerful, with a jaunty and inquisitive expression. Curly coat does not shed. Size, Prop...More »
Bloodhound Details -  ID: 97
General Appearance: Powerful, with thin, loose skin, especially around the head and neck, where it hangs in loose folds...More »
Boggle Mix Details -  ID: 33
General Appearance: Brindle or black and white coloring. Size, Proportion, and Substance: 15 to 30 lbs. Backgr...More »
Border Collie Details -  ID: 96
General Appearance: A graceful and agile medium-sized dog; energetic, alert and eager; highly intelligent. Body is sli...More »
Boston Terrier Details -  ID: 95
General Appearance: Lively, highly intelligent, with a smooth coat, short head and compact body. He expresses determin...More »
Bouvier des Flanders Details -  ID: 93
General Appearance: Powerfully built, rough-coated, and rugged. Agile, spirited, and bold, yet serene and well behaved...More »
Boxer Details -  ID: 94
General Appearance: A squarely built, medium-sized dog with clean, hard muscles under a tight skin. Proud, agile, aler...More »
Brussels Griffon Details -  ID: 92
General Appearance: There are two varieties of Brussels Griffon - the smooth coated and rough coated. They have a larg...More »
Bull Terrier Details -  ID: 90
General Appearance: The Bull Terrier has a strong head and full face, a broad chest and well rounded body. They are co...More »
Bullmastiff Details -  ID: 89
General Appearance: Powerfully built, but active. Short dense coat. Weekly brushing will keep it in order. Size, P...More »
Cairn Terrier Details -  ID: 88
General Appearance: An active, fearless, sturdy but small terrier, strong but not heavy. Size, Proportion, and Subst...More »
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Details -  ID: 87
General Appearance: The Cavalier King Charles is a delightful miniature spaniel. Their eyes should be large and set we...More »
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Details -  ID: 86
General Appearance: A bright and happy demeanor and an intelligent expression and impressive outlines, denoting a good ...More »
Chihuahua Details -  ID: 85
General Appearance: A graceful, alert, quick little dog with a saucy expression. Size, Proportion, and Substance: N...More »
Chinese Crested Details -  ID: 84
General Appearance: The Chinese Crested comes in 2 distinct varieties - the easily identifiable hairless variety has tu...More »
Chow Chow Details -  ID: 83
General Appearance: Powerful and sturdy, of Arctic type, elegant, dignified, with a scowling expression and straight le...More »
Cockapoo Mix Details -  ID: 32
General Appearance: Available in a variety of colors including cream, buff (blond, golden) chocolate, black and silver. ...More »
Cocker Spaniel Details -  ID: 82
General Appearance: The smallest of the sporting dogs, his is sturdy, speedy, and merry. His expression should be inte...More »
Collie Details -  ID: 81
General Appearance: A strong, responsive, active dog; graceful and fast, with a high intelligence. Impressive. Size...More »
Coton de Tulear Details -  ID: 79
General Appearance: Predominantly white with dark lively eyes. Cotons proportions are longer than it is tall. Size,...More »
Dachshund Details -  ID: 78
General Appearance: Low to the ground, long in body and short of leg, well balanced, bold and confident with intelligen...More »
Dalmatian Details -  ID: 77
General Appearance: The Dalmatian has a smooth top line with a deep chest and nicely arched neck. They have a short, g...More »
Doberman Pinscher Details -  ID: 76
General Appearance: Muscular and powerful, having great speed. Energetic, watchful, determined. Size, Proportion, a...More »
Dogue De Bordeaux Details -  ID: 75
General Appearance: The Dogue De Bordeax's massive head is his trademark feature. They have broad, powerful jaws and ...More »
English Bulldog Details -  ID: 91
General Appearance: Medium-sized with a smooth coat and heavy, low swung body, a massive short-faced head, wide shoulde...More »
English Springer Spaniel Details -  ID: 74
General Appearance: A neat compact body and docked tail. Moderately long, glossy coat with feathering on legs, ears, c...More »
Fox Terrier, Smooth/Wire Details -  ID: 73
General Appearance: Smooth Fox Terrier-lively and active as well as powerful. Wire Fox Terrier-alert, quick, on the ti...More »
French Bulldog Details -  ID: 72
General Appearance: Active, intelligent, muscular, with a smooth coat, distinctive "bat-like" ears. Alert with an intere...More »
German Shepherd Details -  ID: 71
General Appearance: Strong, agile, muscular, alert, longer than tall. Size, Proportion, and Substance: Height-males...More »
Golden Retriever Details -  ID: 70
General Appearance: A symmetrical, powerful, active dog, sound, and well put together, not clumsy or long in the leg, d...More »
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