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American Eskimo Dog Details -  ID: 6
General Appearance: Strong, agile, and alert. Thick snowy white coat that needs to be brushed twice a week and daily w...More »
Basset Hound Details -  ID: 4
General Appearance: Short-legged, heavy in bone, moving deliberately not clumsily. Smooth, short coat. Brushing once ...More »
Beagle Details -  ID: 22
General Appearance: Solid and sturdy, with gentle, pleading expression. They can be any hound color, but are usually t...More »
Bichon Frise Details -  ID: 25
General Appearance: Small, cheerful, with a jaunty and inquisitive expression. Curly coat does not shed. Size, Prop...More »
Boston Terrier Details -  ID: 12
General Appearance: Lively, highly intelligent, with a smooth coat, short head and compact body. He expresses determin...More »
Boxer Details -  ID: 21
General Appearance: A squarely built, medium-sized dog with clean, hard muscles under a tight skin. Proud, agile, aler...More »
Bulldog Details -  ID: 3
General Appearance: Medium-sized with a smooth coat and heavy, low swung body, a massive short-faced head, wide shoulde...More »
Chihuahua Details -  ID: 23
General Appearance: A graceful, alert, quick little dog with a saucy expression. Size, Proportion, and Substance: N...More »
Cocker Spaniel Details -  ID: 18
General Appearance: The smallest of the sporting dogs, his is sturdy, speedy, and merry. His expression should be inte...More »
Dachshund Details -  ID: 19
General Appearance: Low to the ground, long in body and short of leg, well balanced, bold and confident with intelligen...More »
German Shepherd Details -  ID: 9
General Appearance: Strong, agile, muscular, alert, longer than tall. Size, Proportion, and Substance: Height-males...More »
Golden Retriever Details -  ID: 26
General Appearance: A symmetrical, powerful, active dog, sound, and well put together, not clumsy or long in the leg, d...More »
Jack Russell Terrier Details -  ID: 14
General Appearance: The Jack Russell is a hard working terrier of great strength and endurance. They are available in ...More »
Labrador Retriever Details -  ID: 27
General Appearance: Strongly built, very active, muscular in the hindquarters. Tail should not curl over back. Size...More »
Lhasa Apso Details -  ID: 7
General Appearance: Bold and happy, but wary of strangers. Size, Proportion, and Substance: Height-about 10 or 11 i...More »
Maltese Details -  ID: 13
General Appearance: A gentle, eager, affectionate toy dog covered with long, silky white hair. Size, Proportion, and...More »
Mastiff Details -  ID: 1
General Appearance: A large, massive dog, showing grandeur and dignity. Heavy boned. Size, Proportion, and Substanc...More »
Miniature Pinscher Details -  ID: 15
General Appearance: A sturdy, compact, smooth-coated dog, proud and alert, spirited and fearless. Size, Proportion, ...More »
Miniature Schnauzer Details -  ID: 2
General Appearance: Active, alert, strong, resembling his larger cousin, the Standard Schnauzer, in general appearance....More »
Pekingese Details -  ID: 8
General Appearance: Resembling a lion in his courage, boldness, self-esteem, and independence; not dainty or delicate. ...More »
Pomeranian Details -  ID: 16
General Appearance: Short and squarish in the body ("cobby"), with an intelligent and alert expression. Size, Propor...More »
Poodle Details -  ID: 17
General Appearance: Active, intelligent, elegant, proud, carefully clipped and groomed. Size, Proportion, and Substa...More »
Pug Details -  ID: 20
General Appearance: A squarish, cobby dog, even-tempered, playful, charming, outgoing, and loving. Size, Proportion,...More »
Shetland Sheepdog Details -  ID: 11
Background: Shelties are excellent family dogs, being friendly and outgoing. They are great with children. He will ad...More »
Shih Tzu Details -  ID: 28
You'll not find a more unconditionally loving dog than the Shih Tzu. Happy-go-lucky, the Shih Tzu loves to be held and ...More »
Silky Terrier Details -  ID: 5
Background: The Silky Terrier is a quick mover and thinker. He is well suited for apartment living. Obedience trainin...More »
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Details -  ID: 10
The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a versatile dog with an outgoing personality. He makes a great family dog. Wheatens...More »
Yorkshire Terrier Details -  ID: 24
General Appearance: The tiny Yorkshire Terrier has a fine, silky coat of blue and tan that requires daily brushing. ...More »
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