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Carl's Story.. Carl is an English Bulldog puppy that was surrender by its owner due to his medical condition, mange. We treated Carl properly and after a very long r ... More »

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I went to your union store to see a dog a saw on the web for sale,when i got there and saw the dog it just didn't click with me, I started walking around and saw a cage that said "adopt me" but the cage was empty and I asked about it and was told the dog was running around in the back helping the cage cleaners. I asked to see it and the second I saw Maggie I knew she was mine-she was a Brown and White long haired Chihuahua with a whole lot of attitude. I could not believe somebody would give her up but after having her for a few days I knew why but I am dealing with it and she has gotten much better with that behavior. I have had her for 1 Year this month and she is the greatest little buddy.


I went into shake a paw on request and referral of a close family friend. I was looking for a dog to help me with my own anxiety. I looked the rescues up online and fell in love with one and had a few more I wanted to meet. Turns out when I went into shake a paw i realized me and The original dog I fell in love with didn't click. Then I saw this timid little chihuahua mix, with no name. We took her out and played with her and she was as still as a statue, but even so we fell in love with her. Couldn't imagine my life without her now. Brielle is an amazing dog. She may be timid, but she helps my own anxiety.

My daughter and myself, went to shake a paw just to look. Our family never had a dog. We totally fell in love with Bentley. Since I never had a dog, I remember asking if I can return him if my family did not like him. But after spending not even an hour with this precious being, my entire family fell totally in love.

Thank you,
The Burkert Family

This is Gemma, she was at the store for couple of months since she was a spoiled dog that was a bit difficult to find someone that she will like to stay. She used to bark to everybody.  One day we went to the store to get food for our other two pets that we got there and saw her at the back running round but they have her separated since she was a bit hard to handle but we insist to ask for her and she was for adoption. We ask to see her and they explain how she was a good dog but with "attitude".

For the surprise of all the staff Gemma didn't bark to us and started playing with us.  It was a good dog.  Our daughter got in love with her and after all we took her and now is part of our family with our three other dogs all from Shake a paw.  Always greatful of the excellent staff in the store.

Alvarez Family.

My family adopted Dorito, a 2 year old black Chihuahua mix, on 6/1/16. He is such a sweet boy! We have already taken him to the park and he loved his walk! He likes to cuddle and sit on my lap while I use the computer. He also likes to lay on the deck and sun himself. Thank you so much for all your help in the process of adopting him! I am glad that he now has a home to enjoy! I hope more people adopt the dogs in your care because they deserve a nice place to live and owners who love them!

My girls were dying for a new pup & after buying dogs from $1000 to $2500 over the years I decided to look into adopting and giving a puppy a home. Thanks to Jonathan at Shake a Paw Union, their dreams came true! We were blessed with a cute little fluff-ball who we named "Duece" he is half Shih-Tzu and half Pekingese and is 5 months old. he came already neutered, all puppy shots even rabies and of course microchipped. He is such a sweety pie and never barks {thank god} he also is going on the wee wee pads like a pro. We couldn't have gotten a better puppy. Thanks again Jonathan!

My name is Jasmine Diaz and just a couple of months ago I adopted my adorable Bella (Beagle/ Englishbull dog). My family and I always go to shake a paw and you constantly would hear our squeals of “aww” and cry of “I want to take them all home”. There were many times where i was convinced that i wanted to take one of the puppies home. After asking my parents and they would say no I was ok with it. But that one day that I saw Bella and asked to play with her i don’t know what happened. I played with her and i just wanted to take her home. I cried and begged and caused a scene until they said yes. We have another dog at home, Blue, a Hungarian Viszla.

When we brought her home it was a perfect match. They got along so well, till this day they still do. Blue loves her and protects, we go the dog park and blue never leaves her side if he doesn’t feel like its safe for her. She refuses to play with dogs her size. Blue is pretty big so she will only play with bigger dogs. Bella has created laughs and wonderful memories for our family. August 23 will be her first birthday. I can’t wait to create more memories with her. Shake a paw creates this wonderful bonds and I recommend that anyone interested in adopting goes to shake a paw.

Carl is an English Bulldog puppy that was surrender by its owner due to his medical condition, mange. We treated Carl properly and after a very long recovery process and fundraising, Carl was adopted out to a new family!

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